Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Remember What Nemo Says...

Last week, was mainly a running week. Being out of town and without access to a gym, running is the easiest part of the tri training to accomplish on the road. That being said, when my friend, Lisa, asked me to a swim date Monday, I jumped at the chance. I did a quick sprint workout on the treadmill, walked backwards for 10 minutes, and then I headed to Lewellen Pool. My goal was a 500 yard swim, which I did manage to accomplish using a mix of strokes, but my swim workout was far from smooth. I was self-conscious about my technique. I felt like I had an unfolded-lawn chair attached to me and I was dragging it through the water. After I was finished, Lisa asked how I felt.
"Horrible," I said.
"Well, remember what Nemo says, "Just keeps swimming, just keep swimming," Lisa reminded me.
That is what I intend to do, just keep swimming.

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  1. You accomplished your goal of 500 yards! Nice work. I think the drills in the tri book Gavin bought will really help focus your form so you don't feel like you're dragging thru the water:)