Thursday, March 15, 2012

Catch Up Week

I know for a lot of us out there spring break got the better of us. I thought that at the halfway point I'd be solid in a consistent routine, but the truth is I'm still scrapping by on squeezed workouts in when and where I can. I have been hanging tough with at least three workouts a week, but I'd like that to improve in the last two weeks of this project.

Today's work was a quick 10 minute warm-up bike, 12 minutes backwards on the treadmill, and a mile of sprint drills. In addition, I hit the weights and focused on my legs with lunges and swats. I have to admit, I was just going through the motions today. I just wasn't feeling it.

On a positive note, I ran 5.64 mi with a 9'15" pace Monday in the beautiful 74 degree weather That was wonderful. I'm confident that the run portion of the triathlon will not be a problem. It's the swimming that worries me. And the reality of it is that I just need to get my a$$ in the pool, right?

Song of the day: Call It What You Want, Foster the People


  1. I love how honest you are in your post, Kat! When you show failure, you're audience won't feel bad when they stumble in their challenges either. I know spring break was tough for me. It's good to see others were struggling as well!

  2. Thanks Jessica! I just happen to think that in order to have a genuine connection to your audience as an author, honesty goes a long way.