Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pain in the back

Last fall I was struggling with a sore hamstring. I went to the health center and was refered to the physical therapists at the BSU Health Center. I remember walking in and the therapist took a look at me and said, "You're a mess." He spent the next thirty minutes or so pushing and pulling my back into alignment. He said that even though it was my hamstring that was bothering me, it was my lower back that was the problem. My lower back was completely out of alignment, which meant that everything time I took a stride, I was essentially pulling my hamstring, over and over again.

Flash forward six months, and I'm having similar symptoms. I think my lower back is not properly aligned again. I only have myself to blame, because I was suppose to be more proactive about keeping my core strong. Yet, the semester went from fall to spring and I started teaching and grading and writing papers for my own classes, and well you can guess what happened. I got lazy. As a result, my workouts from here on out my workout are going to be a pain in the back.

How do you keep going when your sore or injured?


  1. go to the chiropractor!!!!

  2. Awwww so sorry to hear you are back to having issues! I do yoga class 1x/week and try for a 30min session on my own after my runs. I also using a foam roller and get massages once every 2 weeks. I also need to work on core, hip, glute strength so I've started pilates 1x per week. I hope this helps and you are able to get back to feeling good!