Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Excuse me, but do you know you are going backwards?

I get this question a lot on a night like tonight. My workout included a 1 mile sprint run which increased by .2 mph every .2 miles, and then I walked backwards for 10 minutes at 3 mph. In addition to doing lunges and squats. Why walking backwards, you ask? Well, I am still recovering from a hamstring injury I got last fall and I have to be super pro-active in keeping my lower back and hamstrings in shape; thus, the walking backwards on the treadmill. Plus, a good friend of mine once told me "it lifts the booty" and what girl is gonna argue with that, right?!

Tonight's song of the night: "Bass Down Low" by Dev and the Cataracts
It's a fun one to run to :). Check out Friday's and see what I'm listening to when I get on Chicago's Lakeshore.

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    I'll have race suggestions later. Muncie Multisport website is down:( But I thought this would be good in the meantime.